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The Stumping process Step by Step

Step 1 – Arrive on Site

Arrive on site

After accepting our quote we will arrange a convenient date and time to come and carry out the work. We always aim to arrive at the time specified, If for any reason we are running late then we will call to let you know before hand. Once we arrive we just need somewhere with enough room to park and unload the stump grinding machine, which is driven down and out of our vehicle on heavy duty ramps.

Step 2 – Chainsaw

If a stump has been cut off fairly high above the ground then we will usually cut this down lower in order to save time and reduce the amount of wood chip created in the grinding process. Any offcuts will be cut into manageable sections and left onsite, these can often be used as firewood.

Step 3 – Stump Grinding Machine

The stump grinding machine is driven into the garden and positioned near the stump, with the machine being on special rubber tracks the weight is spread out equally meaning that even in wet conditions we are able to carry out the work with extremely minimal impact to lawns. If we need to turn the machine on the lawn then boards are put down to prevent damage occurring.

Step 4 – Shields

We always use screens to shield around the stump these perform two actions.. 1) They contain the wood chip keeping the surrounding areas clean and tidy and…2) They act as a protection barrier incase stones are thrown up by the machine.

Step 5 – Grinding the Stump Part One

The spinning cutting disc at the front of the machine contains special teeth made from tungsten carbide, as the machine makes sweeps across the face of the stump the wood is sheared off in to small chips

Step 6 – Grinding the Stump Part Two

The machine makes rapid progress through the stump sweeping across and dropping further and further down in to the ground with each sweep. Once the desired depth is reached then the machine is nudged forward and the cycle begins again from the top of the stump.

Step 7 – Grinding the Stump Part Three

We grind the stump and any visible major surface roots to well below the ground. Usually we find that 250mm is sufficient to allow re-turfing or re planting with flowers or small shrubs however this depth can be increased to around 400mm if specified by the customer as part of the quotation.

Step 8 – Mulch

The remains of the stump are a mixture of wood chip and soil, this is always left onsite for the customer to use as it makes a good mulch for using around the garden on flowerbeds. It can also be used as a weed suppressant or can be rotted down in a compost bin where it will turn into a rich soil improver. The remaining wood chip can be either raked into neat piles where the stumps were or can be spread out level with the ground where it will just rot away over time.

Step 9 – End Results

After the customer has removed most of the wood chip, topped up the hole with a good topsoil and either re-turfed or re-seeded the ground, there is now no sign of there ever being a stump!
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